Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Adventures: Inn Work

*Blows at dust*
I suppose it's been a while...I keep telling myself to update, but even my new summer is now sweeping me away. I'm writing this from a hotel room in which I'm staying while I and my mom attend a home school convention. I'm here to attend a film camp. It should be exciting since I love film so much! The only prospect that doesn't thrill me is going from 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M., all day. After camp on Saturday, we have to rush back home for graduation for our two seniors. Thrilling! And I'm just getting started.

The next morning, I leave for work at a Japanese Inn. No, not in Japan. In the middle of nowhere. Mountains, woods, a beautiful pond with ducks and geese, steamy hot springs to soak in after a long day of work...I'm going for two weeks, then almost a month a little later this summer. I get my own little apartment below the inn, with a kitchenette and a small bathroom. All to myself. My work will consist of basic chores like washing laundry, helping serve meals, cleaning the rooms, washing dishes, etc. Oh, and I must socialize with guests. Not too worried about that, except I tend to babble on and on about myself when I get too involved in socialization. Ah me, a paradoxical case for the stereotyping of the home schooled. Speaking of conversation, I'll also be boosting my Japanese speaking skills. I hope to speak Japanese fluently by the end of this year, if not the end of this summer! I'm pretty excited for this experience.

Ahh, to be away from socialization to work, think, and maybe even some video-edit (AMVs, most likely).

Well, I have to rise bright and early tomorrow in order for us to get a parking space at the convention center.
Ciao for now! Have a great summer, m'dears!!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Exciting News

Friday morning, I slept in late. Like, 9 A.M. late. The only thing that dragged me out of bed immediately was Mom knocking on my door telling me that my teacher was on the phone and wanted to talk to me. I instantly panicked, thinking I was in some kind of MEGA HUGE trouble or something. But it was actually something I never expected. She wanted Mom on another phone to listen too. Dreading her next words, I heard, "K, you are the state winner for the LAL!" Of course, I was too stunned to speak and was shocked for the rest of the day.

(If you don't know what the LAL is, go here. Basically, you write to an author (dead or alive) of a book or poem that made a significant impact on your life in some way.)

Mom, my sister, and a friend staying with us all wanted to read my letter. Then we called and informed Dad, who was equally ecstatic to hear the news. Unfortunately, I couldn't scream the news to the world yet because my teacher wanted my classmates to be surprised. So I was bursting at the seams to tell everyone until Tuesday. Now, I can share it with everyone. I'm still pretty shocked about it all. I wasn't even trying to win anything. I just wanted an A from my teacher. I got an A++, as I recall, and that made me pretty happy. But 1st place, level three, at state level?? That's almost too much! Needless to say, I'm pretty ecstatic! National level, here I come!

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Me...with Edward Elric??

If any of you know my anime fandom, you'll know that my favorite anime series of all time is Fullmetal Alchemist [Brotherhood]. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT. If you haven't watched it, well, you're REALLY missing out.

Anyway, I recently got a friend hooked on the series. Before he watched it, however, he constantly poked fun at me for it. Aha, but look who's singing a different tune now? He is so into the series that he has begun playing some of its themes and sound tracks on the piano and drawing fan art. And a piece of his fan art included my character, or OC if you will. Take a look!

Of course, I'm thrilled to be in a picture with my all time favorite character, Edward Elric! It made my day.
Here's my friend's original blog post: here


Friday, February 17, 2012

For The Anime Fandom: Best AMV Ever

Yeah, I haven't updated in a while. This isn't much of an update (still so busy with school), so it's more of a "I'm still around" post.

So, I've seen this AMV at least a hundred times by now. Even if you love anime but you're not into watching AMVs, you really should watch this masterpiece. Out of the thousands of AMVs I've ever seen, this one is always, always the best. It contains all of the raw emotion that you can get from anime. And that's a lot. It portrays anime in its best form and contains everything that anime is about. I love it.

Funny how every time I come back to watch this again over the past couple years, I recognize more and more anime series...Enjoy!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For The Avatar Fandom

And by Avatar, I mean the ORIGINAL Avatar. The Last Airbender Avatar.

I was on deviantart the other night when I remembered a fan comic of Avatar that had cracked me up. So I went searching for it and finally found it after a half hour of digging around. It's actually a series of comics set during different moments of the original series. If you're a fan of the old TV show, then you'll love this.

Zuko and King Bumi's Medicine
Aang's "Concern"
Side Effects May Include...
What A Relief
The Perfect Solution
Side Effects May Also Include...
Because of a Cat